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Introduction Solid Staffing

Solid Staffing International is a unique extensive
onboarding program for Indian young professionals.
We offer a recruitment and training program in
India, to prepare young professionals to work
in Dutch organizations. In the Netherlands, we
provide a comprehensive guiding and assistance
program, supporting a smooth integration in Dutch

Solid staffing


To join the program, you follow a selection
procedure, containing:

• Initial draft based on CV and cover letter
• Assessment
• Interviews

Legal preparation

Before going abroad, the following preparations are

• Background check
• Contract
• Visa process

Personal preparation

Preparation training: Going Dutch Basics
Once selected and all legal preparations made,
you go through an intensive intercultural
preparation course that includes both soft and
business skills. This course takes two full weeks and contains ten training sessions and home study. You go through experimental learning including home work, discussions and real life practice.



The FSG Academy campus is a secured area, located only minutes from the city centre. The boarding rooms are modern apartments with the option to share a room or live in a single-room apartment. There is boarding personnel present 24/7 who are specially trained
to care for internationals that have come to live in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands

  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy 
  • Capital city: Amsterdam
  • Seat of government: The Hague
  • Surface area: 41,500 km2, of which 33,800 km2 is land; 
  • Population: 17,2 million (2018)
  • Currency: Euro 
  • Language: Dutch 
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism (24%), Protestants (15%), Other denomination (6%), Islam (5%)



Apeldoorn is situated in the centre of the Netherlands, with airports and major cities all located within 1 hour drive or train-ride. With a population of more than 158.000 people it belongs to the top-12 largest Dutch cities. It offers excellent opportunities for leisure activities and recreation.

Alternative location

Once you have experienced the first months or year(s) living at the FSG campus in Apeldoorn, you might want to live more independent and find alternative housing.

The below overview shows average renting prices and other accommodation related costs in Apeldoorn: 

  • Apartment, 1 bedroom in city centre: €    800.00
  • Apartment, 1 bedroom, outside of city centre: €    625.00
  • Apartment, 3 bedrooms in city centre: € 1,100.00
  • Apartment, 3 bedrooms, outside of city centre €    850.00

  • Average utility costs:  €    155.00/month
  • Internet subscriptions:  €      40.00/month

Daily expenditures



  • Expect to spend anywhere between €150-€200.

Lidl and Aldi are some of the cheapest supermarkets. At Albert Heijn and Jumbo you can find more expensive products. 

Eating out
If you’re interested in having dinner out: budget restaurants offer meals between €10-€20​.

  • Sandwich €3-9
  • Basic lunch menu at restaurant €10-13
  • Budget evening meal €10-25
  • Fast food menu €7
  • A regular beer (30 cl) €2,70 – €4
  • Coffee/tea €2.50

Local transport 
A single bus ticket costs €2.30. The price of train tickets depend on the distance of travel. For example a single ticket from Apeldoorn to Amsterdam Central costs € 16.40, this journey takes about an hour.

Save a lot on transportation by buying a bike – popular transportation option in the country. There are also many inexpensive options of buying a bike second-hand.


Leisure activities


The cost of clothing is relatively high in the Netherlands compared to international standards. Keep in mind the Netherlands has a cold climate – you will need warm jackets and shoes as well extra items like gloves and scarves. 


Leisure activities
The Netherlands offers many leisure activities also traveling to other European countries can be interesting – how much you spend on your leisure activities is of course your own choice.

  • Cinema ticket €11
  • Theme park ticket €30-€40
  • Museum ticket €10-€20


Financial overview

Expected income

Expected costs


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